Tee Jay The Thinking Man

I’m Tee Jay, originally from, Houston, TX and I’ve been training since Muay Thai since 2010; however, I didn’t begin to take it seriously until around January 2013. I remember driving by an MMA gym and off a whim, decided to give it a try. Even from the beginning, I felt more natural with the standup aspect of the training and so I ended up transitioning to a pure Muay Thai gym. Fast forward through 18 months of ups and downs, people telling us we were crazy, times we thought it wouldn’t happen but never giving up, my wife and I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand with a strict focus and determination on me giving everything I had to Muay Thai.

Since I’ve moved to Thailand I’ve made Sitjaopho (the training gym) my home, but I’ve trained at over a dozen gyms in total. Some good, some not so good, but one thing about Muay Thai camps in Thailand is that they each have their own style and way of doing things. It all depends on what area of your game you want to focus on as to which you’d prefer the most in my opinion.

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