Ricardo Evangelista

Influenced by his older brother, Evangelista picked up Jiu-Jitsu practice at the age of 15. It didn’t take long for Evangelista to find interest in the sport, and from his very early stages of training, he dedicated all his attention to BJJ. His first instructors were Alexandre Barauna and Bruno Cunha who awarded Ricardo his blue and purple belts. Evangelista then changed to the UGF (Universidade Gama Filho) academy in the Northern area of Rio de Janeiro (which later changed its name to GFTeam). There Ricardo Evangelista’s Jiu-Jitsu took a step forward due to the team’s high level of athletes who trained with him day in, day out. This top tier training earned Evangelista his black belt on October 2007, at the age of 21, a rank awarded by Julio Cesar and Marcus Bello.

Career Accolades

Victor HugoLReferee Decision3CG Kumite II2020
Eric NewtonW Points Houston WO2020
Roberto Jimenez W Toe hookHouston WO2020
Rafael BabiloniaWViolin armlockHouston WO2020
Guilherme AugustoW Pts: 0x0, AdvHouston FO2019
Gerard LabinskiWPts: 4x2Grand Slam LA2019
Victor HugoWPts: 8x4Grand Slam LA2019

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