Orion Gregory

Orion Gregory is a Professional Motorcross Rider. By the time Orion was 2 years old, his mother Ann recalled that Orion wanted a dirt bike, but instead had to settle for a battery-powered four-wheeler. The machine had two gears, low and high, and Orion, too short to reach the gas pedal while sitting down, would stand on the accelerator with the four-wheeler set permanently in high gear.

Orion soon graduated to a battery-operated motorcycle, which he rode until the bike’s plastic wheels gave out, the start of a theme that still marks his personality at 13 years old. Around his sixth birthday, Orion’s father David decided Orion was ready for a dirt bike.

To prepare for the grind, Orion practices on his private track at least three times a week and races every weekend – he’s run his 2016 125cc KTM so much that the Gregorys had to buy him a 2017 model in order to save his 2016 for competition at Loretta Lynn’s, his mother said – while performing off-the-track activities such as cycling and swimming to build up his cardio.

Competitive Highlights

MDRA 7 champion in 65 7-11C class
Doublin Gap track champion in 65 7-11C class
Ranked first in Tomahawk Area Qualifier March, 2013, discovered back tire was flat at the gate, so had to race with a flat back tire

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